In a previous article I have written, I explained what the Game of Life (which from now is going to be abbreviated to GOL) is. I discussed the rules that govern it, and the important concepts that had to be known in order for one to get a basic idea of what it is. In this article, I will share my implementation of GOL.

During this article, I assume a basic understanding of some programming concepts such as classes and functions, and some, albeit a minor, familiarity with, a framework I describe later.

What Was Used

To implement GOL I used…

The first time I heard about the Game of Life was through Daniel Shiffman’s YouTube channel. I really didn’t get what it was, nor did I really give in the time to actually see what it was. It remained dormant in my mind for a while. That period of dormancy ended when YouTube recommended yet another video related to the Game of Life. This is when I really began taking the Game of Life seriously.

What’s the Game of Life?

Well, the Game of Life is what some would call a cellular automaton. A cellular automaton is usually, in theory, an infinite, two-dimensional grid composed…

Ahmed Addous

A highschool student interested in programming. Writes up some articles from time to time.

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